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Sometimes in life, you may be up to your ears with debt. Be it student loans, car loans, mortgage repayments or even credit card debt. Our company is here for you during this overwhelming period. During that time when creditors are on your case, we step in to ensure that you cope with the situation.

Our services have helped so many debtors who have been in horrible debt situations. In some instances, you could be in draining court battles with creditors. By engaging us we not only ensure that you clear your debt but also save money in these cases.

Brampton debt management services have been customized to fit different individual circumstances. In some instances, we may talk to creditors to suspend your loan repayment until when you have stabilized enough to continue servicing the loan. It may sound difficult, but we are aware of ways of engaging creditors to do so.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a specialty of our consultants. Credit card debt can mess up your finances. By visiting us, we will formulate a way forward that will have your debt situation resolved. Settling debt brings peace and relief. With our team on hand to offer assistance in every possible way, you are assured of comfort even when in debt.

Financial Counseling

We have credible financial counselors that are trained to advise on financial planning. The counselors will assist you to develop a debt management plan that will help you cope with debt. We avail them to you at no extra cost to ensure that you are able to manage your finances better.

Developing a plan is crucial in sorting out your debts because you can understand your finances better. One hour is enough for our counselors to discuss your entire financial outlay. We then offer you counseling where you can look at your income compared to your expenditure. A personalized plan is essential because different individuals has different needs.

In some instances, our counselors may advise you to enroll in the debt management plan. This is entirely voluntary, and it requires you to deposit some money with us every month to sort your debts.  This program will sort out your unsecured debt according to a plan that is comfortable for you and the creditor.

All in all, our debt management company has all the resources necessary to help you cope with your debt. Feel free to contact and engage us to repay your debt.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“My experience with CC was exceptional…from the first call I was given clear instructions and was put at ease about the whole process. Loss of my previous job had created more stress for me than I anticipated and with the help of CC team I was able to regain the positive outlook again. Thank you Mahmood and team!”

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