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Credit Card Balances
Line of Credit
Pay Day Loan Outstanding
Income Tax Outstanding from Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)
Personal Loan or Small Loan
Store Credit Cards
Phone or Utility Bills Outstanding
Past Collections

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When you try and pay off debt on your own, it feels like a never-ending marathon. With Credence Credit, the impossible becomes easy.

Benefits of using Credence Credit:

Consolidate Payments
Reduce Payments
Freeze Interest
Stop Collection Calls
Avoid Bankruptcy
Become Debt-Free!

Credence Credit makes debt consolidation easy with:

Fast Pay-off plans (24-60 months)

Lower your monthly payment to pay off your debt in 24 to 60 months

No Large Upfront Fee

Unlike other Credit Counselling Companies, we do not charge large upfront fees.

One low monthly payment for all debts

We consolidate all your debts to one small monthly payment

Waived Interest Rates

We can stop your interest so your full payment goes towards principal.

Free Confidential Consultation

Initial confidential consultation is always free from our Certified Credit Counsellor to make sure you can make a sound decision on choosing your option.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Credence Credit guarantees to beat any offer in Ontario

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Debt Solution

If you’re in debt, you’re not alone. 76% of Canadians are in debt but at Credence Credit we specialize in getting clients debt-free!

If you struggle with any of the following, Credence Credit can help!

  •      High interest rates
  •      Multiple sources of debt including personal loans and credit cards
  •      High minimum payments
  •      Not enough income
  •      Constant late payments
  •      Constant phone calls from creditors

So how does it work? Credence Credit specializes in debt consolidation, which involves taking all of your debts, adding them together and providing one, low monthly payment to make paying off debt easy.

Most clients also benefit from lower interest rates while they work toward getting out of debt, or even waived interest rates, which means clients aren’t paying interest while they make payments.

So why do you need Credence Credit? We do the legwork to get the best possible plan in place for you. We work with creditors and debt collection companies to negotiate lower rates and make debt payoff manageable, and we don’t charge high rates for our services. As an added bonus, we’ll get creditors off your back, stopping that constant flow of phone calls that haunt you.

Talk to a debt consolidation specialist today! And learn how you can become debt free in just three years!


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